Break the Fast with Exquisite Catering by Robert: The Ideal Yom Kippur Menu

Creating the perfect menu for your Yom Kippur dinner may not always be easy- especially in the midst of a pandemic. However, with the help of Exquisite Catering by Robert, you’ll be absolutely amazed with the delicious options, ideas, and specials that come your way. You can order everything you need from your perfect break the fast meal to delicious post dinner treats and desserts.

Try out some brunch-style menu items, like lox and bagels, or traditional Jewish staples like our homemade matzo ball soup or potato latkes. Who could forget dessert? Indulge in our macaroons, cakes, mousse and more.

Tell us what you need, and when you need it, and you’ll be ready to go. Once we have your order placed, we will make sure you get all of your ordered food right at the perfect time for you and your family- so that no one has to be kept waiting from breaking the fast.

Here at Exquisite Catering by Robert, we offer both non-kosher and kosher-style catering that comes straight from a separate Kosher style kitchen, so make sure that everyone is comfortable and content. If you have any other food requirements, let us know- we will offer alternatives and options to ensure the optimal menu for your gathering. No matter what you require, we will do what we can to create your ultimate Yom Kippur meal.

Need an event catered? We are open and prepared to help our clients plan the perfect event, no matter what it is or how many people are attending. Our gourmet food selections may be paired perfectly with whatever you’re planning, from holidays and intimate meals to corporate lunches. Our team is ready to work with you while creating the menu you desire. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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